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ICCEPM Conferences

10th: ICCEPM 2024, Sapporo, Japan, Jul 29 -Aug 1  (Upcomming Event,

How innovative technology shapes sustainable built environment beyond limits for research and industry

Chaired by Tomonari Yashiro

09th: ICCEPM 2022, Las Vegas, USA, Jun 20-25

Chaired by H. David Jeong and Jin Ouk Choi, 162 papers, 260 participants

08th: ICCEPM 2020, Hong Kong, SAR, Dec 7-8 (Virtual meeting)

Theme: Toward Sustainable & Smart Construction

Chaired by Heng Li, JoonOh Seo, and Hung Lin Chi, 54 papers, 300 participants

07th: ICCEPM 2017, Chengdu, China, Oct 28-31

Theme: Sustainable Construction and Management Forum

Chaired by Dongping Fang, Nan Li, et al. 146 papers, 123 participants

06th: ICCEPM 2015, Busan, South Korea, Oct 11-14

Theme: Global Collaboration for Asia's Construction Challenges

Chaired by Youngsoo Jung, 194 papers, 412 participants

05th: ICCEPM 2013, Anaheim, USA, Jan 9-11

Chaired by Hyunjoo Kim, 110 papers, 120 participants

04th: ICCEPM 2011, Sydney, Australia, Feb 16-18

Theme: Sustainable Construction and Management Forum

Chaired by David Carmichael and Jinu Kim, 110 papers, 101 participants

03rd: ICCEM/ICCPM 2009, Jeju, South Korea, May 27-30

Theme: Global Convergence in Construction

Chaired by Sun-Kuk Kim, 246 papers, 507 participants

02nd: ICCEM/ICCPM 2007, Singapore, Mar 1-2

Theme: New Frontiers in Globalization

Chaired by Ting Seng Kiong, Moon-Young Cho, et al., 90 papers, 170 participants

01st: ICCEM 2005, Seoul, South Korea, Oct 16-19

Theme: Globalization and Collaboration in Construction

Chaired by Chansik Park and Yeasang Kim, 156 papers, 529 participants

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